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Old 01-18-2011, 12:58 AM
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Default some questions about jumping into things

Hi all,

So I have toyed with poly for several months but haven't had a poly relationship. I'm bi, had a couple of FMF threesomes but they weren't very poly flavored... at least not the sort of openness and trust and enjoyment that I would imagine could come into a poly triad connection.

I've recently been trying traditional dating for the first time in my life (in my late 20s), and I've hit it off with someone but things are also still very new.

I'm wondering whether this might be a good time to try poly, as I think he is still dating others and I am as well.

I am wondering what is a good way to broach this topic with someone in the bible belt? () If this person is more monogamously inclined but also wants to continue dating other people, could that be a good "in" for a poly relationship? I have talked with other men about the positive side of poly and usually been given mad props.

I am okay with the idea of him seeing other girls... and maybe even seeing one of them myself...

Oh another thing. I have a job that will be in the public eye a bit and it's a fairly conservative culture. Is there a chance I may blow my career exploring this lifestyle? Or could I prevent that to a large extent by just screening potentials very very well?

One more question if you don't mind! Is there a good way to tell whether someone's interest in this lifestyle is from living consciously and desiring to be generous with love - or whether it's just very cleverly hidden commitment issues?

Thank you and sorry so long. Very glad to find this place
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