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Old 01-15-2011, 08:24 PM
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Default Confused from one day to the next

Hi All! I have posted here a couple of times about being new to Polyamory and I have received such warm welcomes and great responses. But I am having issues and possibly doubts...what do you suggest??

My husband deeply cares for our gf and I do as well. She has also expressed her strong feelings towards both of us. The only problem is me I think. I feel like the closer I get to her it is more on a friends level rather than romantic. I just feel like the two of them have so much in common and it almost makes me a little jealous. I also get jealous on the sex part...because they are intimate much more than he and I are. The reason we aren't intimate is because every time we try, something is done or said and it turns into a fight. Last night was terrible. We got into a terrible fight and I ended up crying my eyes out and sleeping on the couch.

I have been going through so many emotions and confusion since all of this started. Is poly for me? Or is it just that SHE isn't for me? I really WANT to overcome these feelings but how long does it take? How do I do it?
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