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Old 01-12-2011, 05:30 AM
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Default Crazy lil thing called love....my intro

I am 31 going on 32 tomorrow. I am married to my husband of going on 2 years. We are just beginning to open our marriage up after ALOT of talking about it. He was VERY timid about the idea at first because he is 24 years old and hasnt had alot of exposure to alternative means of relating and loving so to speak. He now understands where I am coming from and why this style is SOOO important and comfortable to me.

I have a 13 year old boy and 10 year old girl from previous relationships and together we have a 7 month old little girl. We have a puppy, older cat and new kitten as well as a pet rat.

He has no previous experience, but I have some experience in dabbling with alternative relationship styles. An ex of mine and I were swingers together and I found that it didnt work for me. When I was with this ex, I was trying to make something work with him and another guy but it just couldnt happen. I didnt like the cold and impersonal feel of swinging. Being poly isnt about sex for me. Its about the want and NEED to give and receive love. Sex might be a part of it but its not the focus.

As for some of the generals, I love reading, writing, dancing, taking pictures and modeling for them, chatting online and learning about my new found pagan faith.

Some personal stuff...I am bi-curious and probably always have been. I think the primary reason I am not fully bisexual is my lack of experience and lack of pursuing it. I AM POLY and probably always have been. I have spent so much time trying to figure out what was WRONG with me regarding the previous 2 items. I now know there is NOTHING wrong with me, only how the world VIEWS me.

The last cpl years have been VERY revealing for me. I have learned so much in the realms of love and all that comes with it. Coming to the conclusion of being FULLY poly is the culmination of all that soul searching, crying, accepting, reading, learning, etc.

I am VERY happy to be here and cant wait to make some friends that know where I am coming from.
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