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Old 01-09-2011, 07:53 PM
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In our relationship HUbs doesnt wear condoms becuse he is snipped but bf does. BC is a tricky thing with me. I had the Depo shot years ago but had over 7 months of hell with it. Hubs said it was the best form of BC because well since the shot screwed me up so bad they had to put me on 2 other forms of estrogen trying to stop the effects it was putting me through. After having our first child I found out that my body all of a sudden did not like latex. So we tried the spermicide.. which turned into a problem for him lol. I have thought about getting back on the pill but I have to quit smoking since I am getting awfully close to the bad age for smoking and the pill. My bf and I years ago were bareback more often than not. I can honestly say Im not worried about STDs with either one of them but I do not want to end up pregnant again. Im thinking the pill might make a comeback again for us soon. Heck of alot cheaper than buying special condoms lol. I as a female dont like the feel of condoms during or after. Never did. And well even my bf will say they are a PITA lol.
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