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Old 01-07-2011, 04:05 AM
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Hello I hope that someone can offer some insight. I am a 33 y/o straight woman who was reunited with her former bisexual boyfriend 2years ago. The connection was instant. He shared with me that he was interested in having a child, as this has been a steady desire for a number of years. I was also feeling the desire to extend my family. I have a 10y/o daughter. I was single at the time that Omari and I reconnected. Ater a year long converstaion and planning omari and I decided to develop a family together. As conversations developed he shared that he was still residing with his male partner of 6yrs. Their relationship is stable. The only issue is that Mark does not want to be a parent. We all sat down a shared what our vision was. Omari and I agree that we want to be co-parents together. However this past year things have become challenging now that I am pregnant (6mos). Omari and I did not anticipate the intensity of our bond and the fact that sex would only magnify our emotional attachment. Mark and Omari are not sexually involved during my pregnancy. Mark is uncomfortable with the relationship that has been established between omari and I. In turn at time i am uncomfortable with him. Because it was never my intent to hurt or cause him any stress. Omari at times feels that he is in the middle. My suggestion to him wa to become a V poly family or a poly family where he and mark resume their sexual encounters and I will not be sexually involved with either of them. My priority is family and having both of my children in the presence of their father throughout their lives. My thoughts were also driven by the fact that omari has a difficult time coming to my home as mark cannot handle it and does not understand why his presence is needed right now. To date omari is definiyely caring on two primary relationships, one sexual and the other non-sexual.

Is polyamory an option for us.. thoughts please!!!
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