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Old 01-06-2011, 03:24 AM
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Default East Coast Howdy!


I've been lurking for a bit. Like many folks, I've been reading the board trying to figure out as much as I could about polyamory. I am Opalescent (yes, I enjoy shiny things!). I'm female, 39, and in the Mid-Atlantic of the U.S. I'm a lesbian who is exploring sex with men.

I am married to my Beloved wife of 11 years. We had talked about non-monogamy for a while. However, she moved to the West Coast for a dream job that could not be passed up. I am on the 'right coast' and anticipate staying here for some time as there are not many openings in my field near her. So we are doing the long distance thing for the near future.

Although it is hard to be away from Beloved so much, it has had the side effect of making it somewhat easier for me to explore polyamory. Beloved has a male lover, Pool Boy, who she has been with for decades. She's pretty happy with just me and Pool Boy and currently doesn't feel the need to seek other relationships. I've been exploring the polyamory communities near me and am really enjoying myself. So far the communities I've interacted with are made up of mostly straight men and women with the occasional bi woman popping up. I've had less luck connecting with the lesbian, gay men or queer poly communities. Still, it's early days yet.

I'm flirting with a few people, including men which is new and exciting for me. Things are developing but nothing that I would label a relationship yet.
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