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Old 12-27-2010, 11:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Raven View Post
I'm curious, GS, what would you have suggested as the alternative, since she works at a small store that I frequent?
It depends, but in general I would never share with someone I hadn't met in person that I have 'more' information on them. Places they live, hang out, work - nothing ! Even if I did have more info. Some people are just very sensitive to their privacy - which again, I feel is very wise.
I've been in that situation a couple times. Just because of my profession, network, etc I often have an ability to learn such things about people I've chatted with on line. NEVER would I tell them I knew this information until they chose to share it themself. It can give the totally wrong impression.
If, in a situation like yours I happened upon this knowledge, I might continue to just stop by, have a little regular interaction etc, and let it go without ever mentioning that we were talking on line. It could have given you and your SO a chance to meet her informally (get a look at least), a feel for her personality etc, all with no harm done no matter which way the wind blew.
But even, if for example, you had exchanged face pics and so could all have good reason to identify each other, at her workplace I would have kept my interaction limited to clerk-customer without so much as a wink or smirk (if possible). At most I would have wanted it to mimic the interaction of a frequent customer known to her (and other staff).
Leaving it with a "hope to see you again" ................

From there the online flirtation will either continue - or stop - from either parties end. It either sparked more curiosity - or killed it. End of story.

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