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Old 12-26-2010, 07:07 PM
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Default A couple online dating etiquette ?s

I've come up on a couple of questions that I'm not sure how to handle on OKC. Hoping for some advice.

The first question is a little convoluted... I started messaging someone and later recognized her as someone who works at the (family, not adult) video rental store down the street (I'm 98% certain). Mal and I usually go to this store 2-4 times a month. I messaged her, asking if she does work at this store and saying that we may have met in passing. I sent this message six days ago. She hasn't written back yet. I realize this could simply be that it's the holidays and she's been busy, but she has logged in a couple of times and I think it's possible that she may not ever write me back. If she doesn't, how should I handle going to the video store? I have several pictures up online, so if I go in it's entirely possible that she will recognize me. Should I pretend I don't know her? Introduce myself? Avoid the store entirely and rent movies from another store? I've had the impression that it's an unwritten rule that you don't create a meeting with someone from an online dating site without mutual agreement, but how do you handle that when the person works at a place you go to on a regular basis?

The other question is probably more common, and I think I'm asking this mostly because I have so little experience dating, much less using an online dating site. There's one person I've been messaging that I've realized I'm just not compatible with in "that way". I know I could just stop messaging her, but that seems... rude, and cheap. Neither of us have said anything specific about dating / wanting a girlfriend, it's just been friendly messages about our lives and interests. Is there a polite way to say, "thanks, but I'm only interested as pen pals"?

Thanks for any advice / opinions
Keira Raven, married to husband Mal, interested in a woman for a triad or vee

(Previously known as Dakota Raven, husband previously known as Adam)
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