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I'm a MAN...and I HAVE TO HAVE SEX to feel love 9 32.14%
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I'm a MAN...and I could care less if I have sex or not. 3 10.71%
I'm a WOMAN...and I could care less if I have sex or not. 3 10.71%
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Old 12-25-2010, 03:38 AM
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Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
My personal observation: As a women, the more I get sex, the more I crave it and when there are long breaks with no sex, the easier it is not to have it (some of my friends have said the same thing). When I have a long break without sex, I have to mentally phsyc myself up to welcome it again. Of course, this now adds a guilt factor because I feel that I should want sex, but I'm not in "the mood". I have to override my mood and just do it. Once things gets started again, I'm back to craving it.

Now no sex and no masterbation - I just get down right grumpy, bitchy and irritable. It's as if orgasams keep my brain chemicals balanced. Too bad it took me so long to realize this.
If I masturbate, I crave sex.
The more sex I get, the more sex I want.
If I know I won't be getting it-I absolutely don't masturbate, cause it's just going to make me crave sex.

I don't need sex to feel loved, but I love sex so I wouldn't want to be in a relationship with someone monogomously that I couldn't have sex with-I don't think I could function that way-ever.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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