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Old 12-14-2010, 08:21 PM
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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Did I mention how much I love Mono. He made my room so nice for me and Leo last night. He helped me set up the computer to play an on line movie, he let me put beer in the fridge and let me use his glasses... he made sure to give us space so that we could enjoy our time together... all this from a man that does not share his space with anyone... I felt so loved and grateful. I felt so loved by all three men last night as PN did what was needed to make sure I had time with Leo and Leo was just wonderful to me... he listened to me, laughed with me and we had a really good time together... Feel so loved and complete today.
I just wrote this on another thread but wanted to post here too.

We had our first time ever bedroom visit, Leo and I, last night. Derby has been for a visit, but only briefly and when I was sick. It was an interesting night and lead up for me. I felt really unsure of how it would go, yet pushed ahead to see. Mono was amazing and so giving. I so appreciated that he was able to let me be in my space with who I wanted to be in it with... something that was hard for him, I'm sure.

I feel a little unsteady today as I gave him too much info about my night and should of known better. I felt so loved this morning and forgot that that doesn't mean that I get to tell the world about it... Mono and I had to de-brief as a result. It seem to be all good now...

I hope that I can have Leo over again, but not for a long time... there needs to be some time. We have been used to sitting in restaurants, in his car and going for walks. This kind of privacy is not something that we are used to. It needs to be worked out what it means and how we can "be" in private space... its hard to explain some how... and I don't think I am doing it justice so I will leave it there and we shall see what unfolds.
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