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Old 08-26-2009, 06:09 PM
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Originally Posted by redsirenn View Post

Maybe it is Natural for me to think openly and question society, or maybe it is my upbringing...(although liberal, also VERY monogamy-leaning and following of the catholic faith)
I'm thinking the balance is more on the nature side of things. I come from a fundamentalist Christian background--very conservative (reactionary in large part), and strongly steeped in "traditional" gender roles and relationship expectations.

I began seriously questioning those while still quite young and decided much of what I'd been taught was so much hooey (that's a technical term, ya know). If nurture were the primary decider in such things, I'd be able to "decide" to go along with what I'd been taught without discomfort--and I wouldn't be poly or Pagan or politically just left of center, I'd be mono and evangelical and politically just left of the John Birch Society and Adolph Hitler.
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