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Old 11-28-2010, 06:51 PM
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Default Am I the one in the wrong?

So yeah.. My fiancee of like, nearly five years here dropped something on me and it's gone downhill since the start of the week. Basically, at one point we had a roommate, a rather obnoxious guy in my opinion, that sat around and played world of warcraft all day, talking on teamspeak very loudly in the living room. With no motivation to do anything else useful in the very least. Ended up actually trying to skip town in the night without paying any of the rent they owed. Fiancee never acted upset about it, despite me disliking him. Now, nearly three years later. Apparently they'd been talking online and getting really close. Fiancee actually says he loves them now. I don't understand it personally but I'm not here to say who he can or cannot love.

Well, at the beginning of the week I was randomly informed that they'd be staying with us for three weeks because their living situation turned to hell. Something about being snowed out of their own home.. Since I've last seen them, they've also become a mtf trans. (Not the best looking one either, but that's not really the issue.) Well, turns out they more or less also got kicked out of that home, and so the living situation with us turned into an indefinite stay. Keep in mind, before this I had absolutely no idea this person was even close to my fiancee in that way. We've always had an open relationship, but never really taken too much advantage of it.

My fiancee desperately wanted me to try. To try to be nice to them, and get to know em', and I did. I really really did. It even got to the point of sexual contact amongst us.. Once. I feel like that was a mistake really though. Something that I forced, which I shouldn't have. Because in truth, I see this person as having very little to no personality. They're an absolute socialite. No real social skills whatsoever. On top of it all, they're a very blatant furry, and one of those elitist trans types. About the only thing this person is passionate about in any reguard really, is being a transgender. They have no skills, no hobbies, nothing that makes them interesting. Unless you consider warcraft and second life interesting, because that's the only thing they do with all their free time, instead of trying to find a job or a new place to live.

Either way. Since this person's arrival, I've gotten considerably more and more depressed. They've had to take over my 'office', turned it into their bedroom, so when they're ready to go to bed I can't even think of touching my computer. Though all their free time is spent in the living room.. Very loudly talking on teamspeak. I've nearly had a couple breakdowns and talking with my fiancee about it has led to him being increasingly more and more frustrated with me over it. He says he can't understand what the big deal is with them living here.

I don't know.. I'd just like to know from a third party, weather or not I'm overreacting. Or just being mean. Or if I brought it on myself for trying to force feelings for someone I really have utterly zero affection for? If ya actually read through this I'd definitely like to know.
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