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Old 11-26-2010, 12:33 AM
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Default A Brief History

My husband (who also posts here as Pantheist) and I have known each other for five and a half years (we met in February 2005 and two months later we were dating).

When he asked me to be his girlfriend, he made sure to let me know first that he had other girlfriends, and that he was going to continue seeing them.
I was a tender 19 years old and had never had a boyfriend (yes, it does still happen). I wasn't really looking for one but I thought, why not? He's cute, my friends like him, my sister (who was my best friend) liked him.
I had my first boyfriend and my first kiss within seconds of each other. Ten points (I award myself points for accomplishing milestones ).
Somehow, (and I'm being entirely honest) within the first several months of us dating the other relationships came to an end.
Neither of us, having the same small group of friends, all of whom were dating amongst themselves and not polyamorous, did not try too hard to find more partners (there are other reasons involved: time spent at school/work/with family, the usual).

And this is how we were for several years; him polyamorous but with the same small group of friends that didn't really add anyone new, and me discovering a little more every day that I had a very jealous, angry, ever-so-slightly violent nature (I promise, I have never caused any one or any thing physical harm).

Over the years he has helped me work on my issues. It's taken over three years, several arguments, gallons of tears and boxes upon boxes of tissue (FYI: don't use tissue with Vicks added...it hurts when you dab your eyes...).

He recently asked a young woman that we both know and like if she would like to be his girlfriend. She said yes.
This will be the first time in our relationship that he has had a real relationship other than ours.

We'll see how my new-found acceptance holds up.
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