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Old 11-23-2010, 09:35 PM
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Magdlyn, you have a very important roll in your gf's life. That of her anchor in reality. She is the "new" toy, and soon enough will be an "old" toy. When that happens, things may not be going as swimmingly for her.

This is her chance to see how these people live and tell you all about it. You get the inside scoop without actually having to spend the money and time and stress of finding out for real... there is something to be said for that....

Most kink and fetish stuff is about pomp and circumstance because that is what we SEE. The real stuff doesn't happen at events. It happens at home and in private. A lot of what she is seeing and being a part of is all an act. Sure, some of it is serious business, but mostly for show.

You are completely worthy of anything you desire. You can fashion anything you want out of this situation with your girlfriend and these new people and the kink they practice and mould it to satisfy that desire... this could be a really amazing learning and deepening opportunity for both of you. The things you could try and make part of your repertoire as a result. You can make it all your own; both for you, and also for your relationship with your girlfriend....

I know the NRE sucks, but hopefully there is a positive spin on it... she loves you dearly, you know that, let her be a little kid in a candy store and when she gets sick off of too much sugar, you are still there to be her "home." That is no small thing. It's much bigger than parties and being a "new toy"
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