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Old 11-22-2010, 07:37 PM
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Default OMG WHAT AM I doing HERE?

HI <waves>

I am no stranger to message boards... I am totally not sure i belong here but with what's going on in my life I think I need to talk about it.... this seemed like the place to be...

Me: 50, female, married for 6 years to my third husband who is 39.... there are children from prior relationships, the youngest is 18.

we were "swingers" before we married and we continue to have that relationship with a select few couples we know and love who we consider family. For the world to see we are just a bunch of very very close friends. I consider myself a very vanilla swinger. I have to be attached to my male partners emotionally in some way... I'm more flexible with my female partners....

My husband and I are in a good place truly...

then HE happened.

I've known him a few years... see him very very very rarely IRL. I have flirted with him OUTRAGEOUSLY in front of my DH.... well a few weeks ago HE sent me a text to ask to talk to me bluntly... he asked me my bottom line...

I told him I had no idea. and I did not. I had never had anyone take me up on my blatant over the top flirts... (it was akin to "let's get it on baby I have a note"). He is friends with DH but not close...

well this is turning into MORE than just a booty call.... he's YOUNGER than my DH (makes him 13 yrs younger than I am)

He is not local but he is not too far away...

My head is spinning... I think we are developing a relationship.... which takes me out of the swingers category and into the poly category... and Yes I can see making him part of my life. AND YES I have talked to my husband about it...

I don't know what to think or what to do or how to cope....

My new fellow and I have plans to meet on January 8th (first day we can both manage to be free).... not sure yet where we are meeting or what the agenda will be....

I'm open to hearing what anyone has to say or answering any questions to try to get this all sorted out in my head

HELP and thanks in advance.
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