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Old 11-10-2010, 01:58 PM
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Default Have you ever wanted more from a partner?

good morning. has anyone ever felt that their polymorous relationship was at a standstill? like you want a deeper connection to the person, but it's not happening?

i feel like that now, but i don't want to push the issue, bcz i feel that i should be happy w/ the loving that i get....and give. i do kind of feel it's unbalanced, that i care a bit more, but he says that he just doesn't verbalize it. i try to discuss, hint, etc. i havne't discussed this w/ his wife, one of my best friends. she not that receptive to deep discussions and suffers pretty badly from ADD. we have spoken about some things tho, but mainly we joke around, and share loving our children.

i can't believe how much it's been bumming me out lately. it's been 6 months that we're together and i adore him. i respect their space and create no drama, and it has gone really well. these feelings are coming about a little stronger now. i sometimes feel like an afterthought, and it's not a good feeling. i've even thought about stopping seeing him one evening per night.

thanks. i feel like i need a hug, reassurance. ugh.
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