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Old 10-30-2010, 05:45 PM
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Default I think I am poly? Please I need help!

Hi everyone.
Oh gee, Iīm afraid this could be a long thread, so please bear with me.
I`ve been in a great relationship with my boyfriend for 4― years now - we own our own house, have no kids and love eachother to death.
Heīs actually much more sexual than me and often I feel quite bad because I feel I canīt give him everything he deserves - sexually!! I got sick last year and have basically been bedbound every since with a lot of pain and exhaustion. This has made our relationship much stronger though and we are both 100% sure that we are meant to be together or life.
I donīt enjoy sex very much because I have a lot of pain and that makes me SO sad - on his and my behalf.
I have always had a lust for other men, when I have been in a relationship but never persued it as I`m against being unfaithfull. I still have the fantasies and now I`m thinking of introducing my boyfriend to the idea. Both because I think in this way his sexual needs would be met (and I would love that) and he could have sex with an other girl.
I would like to try to be with an other man but not in a relationship-kind of way. Just for the sex and, perhaps, the cuddle. And only with the same person one time - not several.
I truly love my boyfriend to death and couldnīt see myself with an other person. He feels the same way as me, he says!!
Do any of you have some tips how to bring up the subject?
Iīts driving me crazy and I think about "trying" an other man every day.
These past days, weīve talked about sex and I told him that I would be ok with the fact that he would have sex with an other girl. It made him very happy I think but also took him by surprise.
Am I poly and what can I do before I go nuts?
Thank you so much!!
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