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Old 10-28-2010, 07:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Ssebo View Post
Why do I hate the word "affair"...? Well I do in this context, as an affair on my books is something" along the way and by the way, passing, ... not deep or feeling lasting... and this "affair" did not feel like that, that's why. An affair does not feel like you having this urge to share this with the one you are "cheating" on. And that is what I felt and feel - that D is good for both of us and we can learn so much from her and receive good through her.
I'm not sure I understand... you are not the only one that has had an affair that is deep and passionate and connected... it wasn't that long compared to some affairs either. Mono had an affair for two years. He lost his entire family, who still don't speak to him because of his need to share what was going on for him and that he was cheating. He actually sabotaged himself in order to get caught so he could get out of it... it didn't work so he eventually told his wife... He loved this woman. He was connected to her... that is not just your experience.

Originally Posted by Ssebo View Post
You lost the bet - it was and is. You did not make reference to "with whom" but it is with my wife AND D. But that is not what all this was or is all about. I can do nothing but agree on everything else though and I openly admitted, resumed my responsibility for having fucked up and cheated on my wife.
I don't know what this means.... please explain?
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