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Old 10-27-2010, 11:58 PM
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So I've not posted in a while, mainly because I've been dealing with my own stresses and every time I've sat down to write I've found the words not coming...

But I've got to get it down quick while I feel the motivation. Ive not a lot to report Mr. A and TP are great, my friendship with Mr. A is growing and TP was right in her blog about the comfort level rising...one instance I recall is Mr. A leaving after our usual Thursday evening and gave TP a hug to my surprise I blurted out "oh just give the girl a kiss!" so apparently my comfort level comes up in spurts.

That being said it's one month to the day for the wedding. TP had said " who the he'll invites their boyfriend (Mr.A) to their wedding?" and frankly I want him there; he's important to her and a friend of mine and I would feel bad if he wasn't there since I know he's still battling the other man feelings, but I don't have friends that come over every week and I woudn't be as welcoming and giving (read TP's blog for a list of my self sacrifices) nor would I give up my Chicken Cheddar Ale Soup leftovers to just anyone...he's a bachelor hah he doesn't even own a kettle...or vegetables.

I came out to my oldest and closest friend, he was increibly accepting and honoured; he's in California and I'm in Ontario but as he said me coming out to him went a long way to reaffirming a trust and closeness between us. This is the guy that found out I was getting married and said 'when and where do I need to be?', even almost dipped into next year's vacation (he works for Google so he can do things like that). It was one of those moments that made my week.

The bookend, sort of, to that is that one of the women I had started chatting with...still trying POF but not too hard, it was stressing me out to be so intensely looking for an OSO and ruining my chances...so this women was told about TP and she took the 'not able to get over monogamy' route which was disappointing but the bookend....to this bookend...is that the other woman was told and totally accepting...we've not talked much but I like to think it will develop well; even though the other woman, LS gave up on me because she couldn't reconcile the nonmonogamy.

I've got a good feeling about how things are going, I don't need to force the OSO search as I've become comfortable with myself and just doing things in my own gait....TPs been good to let me proceed at my own pace, I'm always saying I play the long game and let things work at their own speed, and I've for the patience for that because the status quo is pretty all right.
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