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Old 10-20-2010, 06:55 PM
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Smile six months of poly & just discovered we r

hello. i just joined this group bcz i wanted to learn more about this lifestyle.
i believe that i am currently in a polyamorus (sp?) relationship, which started
about 6 months ago.

i am comfortable being a "third wheel" as my daughter calls me...altho she
doesn't realize that there is any sexual activity going on.

this is fairly new to me as a single person, altho i have experience as a
married swinging couple. i've really enjoyed getting to know my "boyfriend" in a
new way.

we've all been friends for almost ten years, but have taken it to a deeper
level. my friend, his wife, has no jealousy and i have been careful to be
respectful of their marriage.

she and i have been friends for a long time, longer than my relationship w/ her
husband. there are feelings attached for all of us, positive & negative, but
overall it's been really great, since they and i each hv 4 children and they are
all friends.

however, sometimes, bcz he and i meet only one or 2x per week, it is difficult
for me, bcz i do care for him and love him, not in an obsessive way, but wd like
to c him more. but, we r all so busy, that the days really fly by anyway, w
work, school, kids, etc.

they hv not openly state that we have a polyamoros relationship, even tho it
feels like that for me. we care for eachother's children, talk alot about
personal, intimate topics, share our free time together. it started out as a
sexual experiment for all of us but has bcm 2 feel more normal, like a regular
part of our lives...at least 4 me it has.

my friend, the wife in this triangle, has not wanted to join as a three some
anymore as of 2-3 months ago bcz she said it feels awkward w/ me. we still talk
and laugh, and go out togheter often tho, w/ our children as well.

thanks for reading. i think i may have come to the right place in a community
such as this. we hv been 2 swingers clubs as a threesome, but have not engaged
in sex w/ other couples there.

while i'm ok w/ having sex w/ a good looking guy that i don't know well, i would
rather be friends first & feel that i may not be a person that is meant to
follow the rules of monogomy, bcz i dont' agree w/ some of them.

tnx 4 reading this.
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