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Old 08-17-2009, 06:20 AM
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I think perhaps part of the problem is that this went very fast. There was no chance to actually get through new relationship energy (NRE) and see after throwing the cards up that they fall in a good place for you all. If you three don't start talking about the hard stuff I fear it will blow up in your face.

It's never a good idea to move in together so fast in my opinion. A good year is best. There is far too much to work out without the load of day to day household stuff, privacy, and division of finances and labour. There is enough to do to deal with emotions, dynamics and getting to know each other.

I think she should move out and you should work out a schedule of dating and communicating together. It sounds like going back, but I really think if you are going to make a pyramid you need a good foundation for it to reach the sky. In other words you have a rickety relationship that will collapse on you all if you don't work on real issues.
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