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Old 10-13-2010, 01:27 AM
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Default Telling people

So, I've told my friends and pretty much anyone who listens that I've got a boyfriend and a girlfriend. My friends are all pretty cool about it. They get a little confused sometimes about it, but that's fine.

However, I want to tell my parents.

My father I'm not worried about anything bad happening. He's ok with the fact I'm pansexual and just wants me to be happy as long as what I'm doing is legal. However, I can't tell him anything just yet because he might tell my mother.

Now, my mother isn't someone I can tell everything to. A lot of my relationships in the past have been kept secret from her because I knew she would tell me I can't date regardless of how nice the person was. Also, she has been one of the main causes of my depression. She's also very controlling and over protective. She seems to believe that she's right and you're wrong and you have to do things her way (the controlling thing again).

In the past, she's been upset about my dating girls because she thought I was being influenced by people. During the past couple of years, though, she has seemed to have accepted that I'm not straight and just wants me to be safe.

Last year, we had a talk about my sex life which has been inactive up until I met my boyfriend in person (we met on a dating website). My mother said something along the lines of once I'm 18 I'm allowed to have sex and she doesn't want to hear about if I get pregnant blah blah blah. She seems to have backed off a bit on her rules now that I'm legally an adult. However, I'm not sure if she was serious about the sex/relationship thing or not.

So I sent her off an e-mail asking if it I could date whoever I please. I'm waiting for a reply.

But, I just don't know if I should tell them. I want to, really, because I already know they like my girlfriend (they think she's a friend) and I know they'd like my boyfriend. Gah. What to do?
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