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Old 08-07-2009, 05:19 PM
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Hi mark, glad to know you are still with us.

I haven't read this thread before and it has left me a tad fearful of my future.

Last night I had a talk with both my men about the possibility of some day living together. I am very much on a "comfy plateau" as my husband puts it, but the two men are not... especially my husband. He is happy with our progress and is excited about us all being together in the same abode some day, but he is a slower mover than us... so we wait. Moving at the speed of his concerns.

How did you eventually deal with the sleeping situation?
Do you have your own room and your own time to sleep in it?
Do you get the time on your own that you need?

I would want my own room for sure! Right now my husband and I and our son live in 1200 square feet. The older our boy gets the more room he seems to need. We have a large yard that he plays in, the whole reason we got this place, but in the winter he takes over the whole house with his energy. We have an apartment below that is the same size as our place which was intended for us both to inhabit one day. When we got married we never expected to share our living space. We ended up like that because of circumstance really. We could take that space over, but it isn't suitable for our situation.... we would have to move if Mono lived with us and us with him.

My husband worries about my not taking time for me and that it would be worse if we all lived together. I can't see that happening as right now I spend time traveling back and forth between my worlds. I expend a lot of energy hiding our lives from my parents, who live five houses down too and they would have to be told. Also I would have my own room to hide in and practice being alone (something I struggle with and mean to conquer).

Any ideas on what you would of done differently or what has worked? Any strategical planning I should think about or guidelines that have worked?

I am so sorry to hear of your troubles.... keep at it. We are all rooting for you!!
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