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Old 09-13-2010, 11:31 AM
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Ok....New day...New issues.

As some of you remember or know, L had an accident in her car last week. This left the car banged up and pretty ugly needing the hood to be strapped down with a strap.

Well, yesterday, before L and I met up with her D, she asked me "What if he asks me to ride with him in his car to where we're going?" I told her that if he asked, that would be fine. Well, he didn't ask.....because she beat him to it. Now, normally, this wouldn't be a problem....but as we started off, we started driving in the opposite direction of where we were SUPPOSED to be going......He knew the area better than me, so I thought at first that he may know a faster way. Turns out he is so stricken with L, tyhat he forgot where we were going and got distracted. :P Thats not a bad thing. Here's the bad thing; He drives a new Nissan Altima....and has my wife all prettied up in it, while I'm dragging along in awrecked 94 mustang with a strapped on hood. I was having feelings of inferiority. I felt like she asked him if she could ride in HIS car, because she was embarrassed to be seen in ours. Petty, I know. But as we were driving off into no-where it seemed, thats how I felt. Then the plans got changed and we went somewhere else and ate. When we were done, L asks me if she can ride with him to his place so he can get his swim suit. I shook my head and said "I don't think so. We'll just meet him at the gulf." She told him no, gave him a hug, and got in our car.

Now I never mentioned anything about my feelings of inferiority at this point. Why? Because I wanted them to both have a wonderful time. Well, we all met up at the gulf. And they had a great time. L got her first kiss with him, and we all had a GREAT time in the water together. I still said nothing because I wanted them to enjoy this time and grow closer.

Well, last ngiht when L and I got home, I explained my feelings of inferiority to her. She got very sad and upset. She was sad that I felt I couldn't tell her right away and that I would even FEEL that way. I told her I was sorry, but my vehidle is an experssion of my status, and while some guys get jealous over cock size, body physiques, personalities, etc....The car was my thing. (Just to be clear, L's D is VERY well endowed, and has a GREAT physique. His personality matches those things, and he and I get along great. I am not bothered by any of THOSE things at all)

Why a car? Why such a petty thing? I felt like a 3rd wheel dragging along behind in a POS car that could barely keep up. Why do I feel this way?

Last night L and I talked, and I thought we worked it out. This morning, I asked L if she had good dreams last night. She said no. I ruined her dreams. Now I feel like a heel.
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