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Old 09-12-2010, 01:42 PM
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Default How....

does one go about being supportive of a loved one when he's bowing to societal norms!

A little back story: Breathes works with someone whom he might like to date. They were doing things like trading back rubs, etc. on their own time. His boss & co-workers are not supportive (one co-worker in particular). He has had his shifts rearranged by the boss so they no longer work together for any length of time, can't arrange time when they are both off work & transportation is available & the one co-worker makes snide remarks if he even says "Hi" to Lora (name changed for privacy), let alone actually having any sort of relationship with her, platonic or otherwise.

A little further back just for frame of reference: A few years ago we went to the Christmas Party, there was dancing & merry making. I can't dance worth anything so he was out on the dance floor with others, flirting with one in particular, & having fun. Co-workers were wondering when I would go out there and clean the clock of the one he was flirting with.

I've noticed lately that he's not as happy as he could be, was just a few months ago. I've asked him about Lora & what's going on there. I've even suggested he call her & invite her over when I'm not going to be here or on outings where we're going to be so they can spend some time together. "I forgot to call her" is the most common response.

I'm upset that his co-workers are making him feel this way but I'm also upset because neither one of them has stood up to Miss Snide Remark and told her to stick it where the sun don't shine!

When he's not as happy, I'm not as happy which is not conducive to good times .

I've even talked to his BFF since he will often hear what she says even if she says it in the same way I say it---different perspective/person saying it maybe?

I'm thinking a couple of things:

1. It's time for him to find another job since it's becoming increasingly clear that he's not happy there any more and becoming less so as the weeks go by.

2. I'm going to spend some time with Possibility shortly and I should text her and ask her to come over. Wake Breathes as I leave & let her surprise him by coming here if she says yes & isn't working.

( I just texted her, waiting for response. Think I might just leave the door unlocked so SHE can wake Him .)
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