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Old 09-12-2010, 05:21 AM
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Default A new adventure

Ok....After a whopping 3 years in a relationship with another couple, L and I have broken up with them.

But....we have moved on to other pastures. L has had someone pursuing her on OKC. I will call this someone D. (Not the same "D" from our other relationship ) He is a nice guy and is totally into L. They have been talking to each other via Facebook and texts for about two weeks or so now.

Well, tonight, we actually met up with him. What a nice guy! We met with him at 6:30, and hung out with him at a coffee house, and then dinner, then off to the bowling alley and played pool with him....Until about 11pm! And he had to get up at 5:15am to go to work tomorrow! It was easy to talk with him.

Something we learned from our last relationship, was that we needed to be honest with ourselves first, and then with those who we want to have a relationship with. So, L and I spoke BEFORE going onto this date. We agreed that we wanted a poly relationship in which we may eventually have someone move in with us. We further agreed that we had no issues with being completely open with everyone in public. So if she wants to hold his hand in public, she can...and if she wants to hold both of our hands in public, thats cool too.....Well, we discussed this with D tonight. He said he was completely open with his family about his poly lifestyle, and welcomed being open and free with our feelings in public. He also said that if things worked out between us all, then he would have no issues with sometime in the future, moving in. He says he truly IS poly, and is completely open about it.

L and he REALLY hit it off tonight. They were touching and holding each other close, and exploring. Nothing really "sexual" at this point, but the sexual feelings were definatly there. He had so much respect for her. All the way down to actually ASKING if she minded if he put his hand on her back before actually doing it. We all had a GREAT time tonight trying to connect. L and he certainly connected, and a future meeting is a definite must. L says that he is simply another one of me. He has a LOT of similar interests that I do. And I get along with him also. YAY!
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