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Old 09-09-2010, 11:58 PM
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Question Married, starting Polyandry-type relationship--info/advice?

Hey everyone. I did a Google search and was brought to this forum. I'm hoping to find and talk to people about polyandry and maybe get some first-hand information and advice.

My husband and I are a young married couple. We met when I was 15 and he was 18 and, through a lot of crazy things, got married a little over a year ago right before I turned 20. I'm now 21 and he is 23 and in the National Guard (currently mobile, then finally done with the military!).

Within the past couple weeks, a friend (who I have strong feelings for) found out he was moving very soon (work transfer went through) to be with a guy. It hit me much harder than I thought it would. This friend and I have an intimate history and we became intimate again recently. My husband didn't know at first... But, I felt the need to come clean about my feelings. I love my husband to no end, but also have loving feelings for my friend.

The conversation with my husband went surprisingly well and I was happy to discover he has similar feelings for the same friend and is very open to having another male in our relationship. We discussed how it would work emotionally, financially, and physically. None of us want children, so that isn't an issue for us.

My husband and I have discussed it with our friend. Our friend is a bit unsure of the situation, but isn't completely against it. He still plans to move, at least for now, to try out the relationship he has going there before giving us more commitment. My husband and I love our friend and have agreed that it's a good idea for him to go on this adventure before we give this an honest try. We don't want anyone to have regrets or feel held back and while my husband is away, we can't fully be together anyway.

I told our close friends how we have been feeling and all but one is supportive.

My husband and I have always been the type that have a lot of love to share and I feel very lucky that we both are in love with the same person, as well as each other.

If you have questions, please ask. I'm trying to have an open discussion about this. Does anyone have any information or advice before we get in too deep?
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