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Old 09-07-2010, 07:22 AM
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Cool Makeup Sex

I've never understood the idea of makeup sex. Usually when I have had a fight there are still some hurt feelings upon making up that I need to sleep on to resolve. I can't have sex with someone I am still upset at.

How does makeup set work for you? Are you still hurt from the fight when you begin? Have you gotten over the fight? Does the sex get you completely over it?

I had the best sex with my boyfriend the other day. I am wondering if this is akin to makeup sex. We have been having problems since he got a new girl and I am having trouble coping. One night he really soothed my hurt feelings and made me feel confident and so much better. We had the most amazing sex that night. I was already thinking it was the best when he told me he thought it was. ... That was days ago, it's still stuck in my head.
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