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Old 09-07-2010, 04:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Derrythe View Post
From what you have written it seems like Korre started a new romance with Amber, so he's likely deep in the throes of NRE and very exited about the new relationship. This is leading him to pay less attention to you than you're used to which hurts, and the fact that the communication between the three of you is very poor makes it seem like she is distracting him from you on purpose which may not be the case. Meanwhile Korre is playing a kind of balancing act, trying to make you happy, trying to make things work with Amber, and getting what may seem to him like mixed signals from you. First you tell him everything is ok, go ahead, then you tell him to back off and pay attention to you which you then contradict when you choose him to be the one who helps her out.

Now, that may sound like an attack on you, but it really isn't. I'm only trying to condense the problem down in a shorter for to see if I have the basic idea or not. From what I see, if that is basically right, having a talk between the three of you, maybe with your husband and boyfriend (one of which is Joe don't remember the other) as mediators to help facilitate seems like the best idea, either way everyone needs to get their problems and expectations out in the open so everyone can know where they stand. Hopefully it will go well for you, you must be a pretty awesome woman to have three men who seem to care for you so much. God bless.
You're right. We all had a talk last night after I posted this and things went well. A lot came out that needed to, and I still feel good today. A lot of problems between me and Korre that were already there came up, and that flip-flopping was one of them. Then Amber told him that he will end up getting that from her too. In fact, all the guys said that all the women they know do that. So, I am guessing that it is probably very hard to find any woman who doesn't flip-flop from time to time. That is no excuse, I know. When I realized I was doing it I started specifying that I feel like this right now, knowing I might not feel the same later.
Thank you for your support and advice, I do appreciate it.
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