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Old 09-01-2010, 09:49 PM
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Default Looking for a LTR with a woman

Hello everyone,

I am new to this and trying we will see how it goes. I live in Boise ID. and I've been searching for my soulmate. (aren't we all)

This is a copy of my posts from other places I hope I find better luck here and I hope it is ok for me to put this here.

I know this sounds like the same old thing but I need to try this anyway.

I am married and for the most part happy, I love my husband , he is a great man but Ive always been missing something. He is a get the job done kind of guy but he's not a passionate person. Theres never any hugging or making out and very rarely is there any cuddling. Thats just not who he is, but it's who I am. He is a partner in 3 different companies and his time is very limited, I need more.

I haven't been with another woman since I was younger, I feel like a virgin again. I'm definately ready to experience a relationship with another woman again. Even though I have no desire to leave my husband over the past few years we have been discussing the idea of me being with a woman to fill the void I have in my relationship with him, I thought yeah I bet lol but a few weeks ago we had a more detailed conversation and to my surprise he said he was ok with me having a full on relationship with another woman, this means dates, movies hanging out as much as we would like and even sleep overs(you at my house) a true relationship I was shocked and excited at the same time. My husband said he feels it is possible to love more than one person and so do I, so here I go.

I am looking for a woman who only likes women, a single lady that is willing to commit to me, I dont want to date a married woman because I am looking for a long term relationship, I realize that sounds selfish but that is what I am looking for. I like a little meat on the bones. Im ok with tomboys but please no butch ladies I have one guy im not looking for another one. There will be absolutely be no touching or sex that involves my husbands participation EVER!!!!!!!

Im a very loving person with lots of love to go around, I love tatoos and have quite a few of my own including a sleeve. Looks arent as important as personallity and a connection. Im not looking for a one night stand I am looking for another life partner as crazy as that may seem, if things work out and progress the way I hope they will hopefully the right person will be moving in my house with me.

I love the outdoors and shopping. I also love quiet times at home curled up on the couch watching a movie. I would love to find a woman who loves kids and family time. You need to be ok with hanging out with the family being discrete of course. My husband and I dont display affection in public and I wont with a female either Im just not that kind of person. I hope you will give me a chance to show you this can work, to show you we can work. I know that I probably sound like a scatter brain , I promise you Im not. Im just excited by the possibility of getting everything Ive always wanted.

If you feel this is something you are interested in and please respond and tell me about yourself, No men and no married ladies and please no Bi ladies that are not single and willling to commit to only me, I am very specific about what I'm looking for and hoping to accomplish.
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