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Old 08-27-2010, 03:27 PM
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Default and then there's poly dating...

There is one more thing that seems pretty unfair to me. Now that G is living with us, we are a poly triad, except for S is bisexual but me and G are not. As expected, S and G are still going through a period of NRE where I'm kind of in the background for a while. This seems like a great time for me to try seeing other women, and I feel eager to do that. But what woman in her right mind would want to date a married man, one who is partially autistic?

My wife encourages me to find a girlfriend, but she has forbidden me from just sleeping around casually. She wants me to find someone who would want to eventually move in with us and form a closed quartet that only has sex within that family unit. But once the triad has formed, it would seem extremely difficult to ever grow it into a quartet. When you have two couples that merge, it's easier, but now not only do I have to find a woman who LIKES me and is AVAILABLE, but she also has to be poly-friendly AND she has to like kids AND she has to get along well with S and G. I would be lucky to find a woman who wants to date, let alone a woman that would ever eventually consider moving in. I can't even dangle the carrot of having multiple men in bed, because G refuses to get naked in front of me let alone do a threesome. And he's not very good looking. My wife is bi, but my chances of finding that hot bi babe unicorn are ridiculously low as you all joke about so often.

It's so discouraging. I made a profile on OKCupid and there are so many interesting women out there in my town, even women who like to play D&D! But as soon as they see that I'm married, they don't even bother replying to my message.

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