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Old 08-05-2009, 09:55 PM
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Default Outdoor Recreation

Hiking, backpacking, skiing, camping, boating, rafting, picnics, ...etc.


My partner, Kevin, & I will be going backpacking in the New Mexico wilderness on Friday for three nights! We've done a lot of hiking and "car-camping" together over our nearly 13 years together, but this will be our first backpacking trip, as it took us a while to get all of the proper equipment.... Stuf's expensive -- for the good gear.

We're gonna make our first backpacking trip together real easy! The trail we're taking is only 6 miles, so it will mostly be about hanging out in the wilderness rather than going in far. It makes sense to go easy since neither of us have backpacked since our youth. We need to ease into it. We're in pretty decent shape for "older" guys, but there are risks and our wilderness skills and packing sensibilities are in need of gradual improvement after years of neglect.

The equipment we acquired will make life much easier! We got the perfect space age backpaking cooking equipment, and a really cool lightweight and compact hand crank operated water filter device. I've never used one of those, and always packed all the water needed -- so this will save a lot of weight, so long as we plan our trips where good water is to be found. (Filters are good to prevent microbial diseases!) And now we both have really fine internal frame packs....

Any backpackers in here?
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