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Old 08-19-2010, 03:29 PM
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've had lots of ups and downs and am consistently struggling with my underlying fears and insecurities. I have seen some of these fears face to face and others are too afraid to come out. I'm trying to be loving and accepting of these parts of me and I believe that is the only way to address them. The hardest part is that these fears and insecurities in question, when left unchecked, tell some really bad stories that generate a lot of negative emotions that are negatively impacting my relationship with Claire.
Hi Tracy! First of all, welcome to the forum--this is a fantastic group of people, many of whom have provided some incredible guidance to my dh and I.

I have a couple of first thoughts based both on my own experience and the experiences shared on this forum. One is that you need some allowances; to grieve what your relationship was previously (much of which it likely still is), and to take a breath. Jeesh, this should not be an overnight process (and feel free to read on our journey, and you'll see why I say that I learned from my own mistakes. When you are the one exploring a new relationship, it's really easy to miss the big picture. When you are just starting out a dating relationship (a mono one let's say), this is expected. But when you are exploring poly, the relationship that must come first and foremost is the primary one, imnsho. Claire needs to be respectful of where you are at in the process. How you feel is just as important as how she feels. Of course she's enthusiastic and eager, but that's no less valid than your feelings of fear and insecurity. Now, there is tons that you can do to work on that yourself, and much of that needs to be intra-personal, I think, but she is your partner and needs to support you.
I have tried to talk to Claire about it, but she appears to have some serious guilt issues and internalizes my feelings, blames herself and becomes uncommunicative after a few minutes.
See, and those are her issues. Her feelings are understandable as well, but again, need to be dealt with in large part intra-personally. You would do well to reassure her that her feelings of guilt only become obstacles in your relationship. Take the good (that it indicates how much she cares for you) and put the rest in the trash where it belongs. I honestly think that has been a tremendous help to DW and I. It's not that I don't feel terrible sometimes, but I express it and don't let it consume me. Imo, he needs to know that I feel it, but then we need to let it go.

We are also working with a counselor that is open to Polyamory. I have realized that these are my own issues and that Claire can do nothing but satiate my dysfunctions. This has made it easier to not talk about my shit until we can work out an effective communications process.
Yay for the poly-friendly counselor. We just found one ourselves!!! While yes, these are your issues, you are working hard to overcome them and as your partner, she needs to support you in any way she can. She's truly fortunate to have a partner willing to overcome all of the messages we've been force fed about monogamy for our entire lives. It would have been easy (at least at the outset) for you to say "forget it", but you didn't. And being that a relationship is a give and take, now you need her to meet you where you are at.

Obvee, you understand that you too will benefit from dealing with your insecurities, but that doesn't negate that the process will at times be difficult, nor does the difficulty negate the reward.

I personally think that you need to talk about your "shit", even if in an imperfect way, rather than wait and hold it in. Holding on to pain does damage, plain and simple.

In the mean time, I still have these negative feelings that are just out of reach for me to come to terms with and I'm feeling pretty unloved in our relationship. I feel lost and alone on a regular basis. I want to be with Claire, I want her to have this other love and I want the growth potential I can see for myself by overcoming my insecurities. I just don't know how to get there. I could really use some exercises, practical techniques and guidance to coming to terms with this.
I'm so sorry to hear that you are feeling unloved. And if Claire doesn't know that, she needs to. It can certainly be said in a non-blaming way, and owned appropriately, but as your partner, she absolutely must know. DW withheld a lot of his feelings from me in the beginning, for very noble reasons. But as I told him, they found ways to be expressed even if he hadn't put them into words.

The most practical tips I can share are to journal, talk, and be open about where you are. Your feelings are your feelings.

Here's one post that captures a lot of our journey: http://www.polyamory.com/forum/showt...?t=3110&page=3

Best of luck to you and Claire!!!
Married for 14 years to an amazing man, "David Webb" on the forum
Discovered that I was poly in January 10,
forging my path together with the best partner I could ever ask for!
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