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Old 04-09-2009, 02:25 PM
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Default National Poly Coming Out Day

Something extraordinary has begun to happen. Here in the U.S. there have been a couple of Polyamory Leadership Summits, which has lead to the formation of a Polyamory Leadership Network. I do not as yet know a great deal about either of these, but what I have learned is that the Polyamory Leadership Network has established a number of "project action groups" at their Summit, including (among others) a youth outreach group, a media group, a research-collaboration group, a coordination/follow-up group, and (yes) a National Poly Coming Out Day group.

As soon as I had discovered the Poly- Leadership Summits and the associated Network I randomly picked someone within the network to toss my idea of a National Poly Coming Out Day at, to see how she'd respond. By chance that person, Anita Wagner, was the Network's "point person" for a campaign to create just such an event! Synchronicity strikes again!

The bottom line of this story is that a ball is rolling toward creating an event which will be extraordinary, and which will educate and inform the public as well as help to change social attitudes toward ethical and responsibile non-monogamous lifeways. I believe that this event will both happen and will be very successful. It is in an early stage of organization, and I believe the organizers can benefit from the thoughts and ideas of non-organizers who are supportive of this project. For this reason, and because I like the format of www.polyamory.com much better than Yahoo Groups (etc.), I'd like to steer much of the open and public conversation on the National (or International?!) Polyamory Coming Out Day into this forum.

Those who want to know some of the background discussion on this topic should join the Expansive Loving Yahoo Group--
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ExpansiveLoving/ -- and read recent posts on the Coming Out Day.

There already exists an international "National Coming Out Day" in support of the GLBT community, and the poly Coming Out Day would resemble this other in numerous ways--and would serve similar social and political purposes.


I hope very much that www.polyamory.com can assist this project by providing a conversational networking hub on this subject.
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