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Old 08-13-2010, 10:25 PM
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Default Ari's Blog - Beginning

Ok, since all the cool kids are doing it I will too...

I am starting this blog because of something I said in the thread how awesome ygirl is . I mentioned how the more experienced members (not necessarily in poly btw) don't post the bad times with the good.

So I am going to tell a bit of my story and some of my struggles and then continue to update it as I go along on my journey.

I am a fiscal conservative beer drinking ex-jock who likes the emotional side of life. I live life and enjoy everything around me.

Pengrah (who will likely never post here) is an ex marxist, activist, hippy music loving and bubbly...

We started our non-monogamy journey 10 years ago. I had picked her up in a bar and we decided to leave everything we did half open. Inviting women to bed with us. While we never had sex seperately we did have very open and social lives. A lot of the initial challenges most have we never encountered. I was free to go out with women, flirt and enjoy myself. If I was going to sleep with anyone, they had to sleep with both of us.

Fast forward 9 years, we get married. We have had a number of good times, most not ending in sex, but lots of sexual activity. We end up married and still playing. A new girl starts where I work and we instantly hit it off, there is an energy that is undeniable. Due to her shifts, we rarely see each other and don't hang out. I have my "harem" as they called themselves. A group of 7 to 8 girls who were my friends and we would go out and...well some might call it date, but really we were social. I still have these friends and still go out with them and still flirt with them. We dumped the harem title a year ago when the new girl entered my life. The joke about them being my wives didn’t seem as funny when I started falling for someone in real life

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