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Old 08-10-2010, 01:50 AM
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Default But you love more than one child...

In poly/mono discussion threads I have seen this argument a lot: You can love more than one child/parent/friend/sibling so why not more than one partner?

I've used it myself and always got the answer: "It's not the same [type of love]."

I was reading Wikipedia (I know, great source of unbiased and professional information that a free encyclopaedia is) and I came across this article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychology_of_Monogamy

Being that Monogamy is interesting to me in that I don't understand how it works I decided to have a read and I noticed this paragraph (under Attachment Theory, if you want to read straight from the source):

Originally Posted by Wikipedia
Recent studies have looked at which areas of the human brain play a role in attachment.[40][41] These studies asked people to look at pictures of their romantic partners or pictures of their children. Some areas of the brain were activated by both pictures of romantic partners and pictures of children. These areas of the brain were involved in both romantic and parental attachment. But other areas of the brain were activated only by pictures of romantic partners or only by pictures of children. These areas of the brain appeared to be involved in either romantic attachment or parental attachment, but not both. These findings have opened the door to future studies clarifying how different areas of the brain function in attachment.
I've emboldened the part which I found most interesting.

I haven't looked very deeply but it doesn't mention if the people studied identified as monogamous or poly-amorous or otherwise.

I'm interested in people's views on this! From your own perspective, whether you ID as poly, mono or other, what do you think of the research and how it fits with your own feelings?
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