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Old 07-22-2010, 01:50 AM
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Default R u male or female?????

As I read thru all of these posts, I started to realize something. It seems to me that a majority of the people who are poly are female and the majority of the monos are male. Just wondering if this is correct.
So I am now curious(have lots of curiosity) if women are more inclined to be poly and men are more inclined to have multiple partners for the sexual act. I understand that the act of sex is much more intimate for a woman, she has to "surrender"(could probably use a better word here) her body so to speak and men just need a place.
Not trying to ruffle any feathers, just curious.
Women seem to take to poly easier than men. Are we as men(the gender as a whole) more inclined to stay mono and have a fling for our variety?
Are women more inclined to have another lover?
These are just a few questions that I have running thru my mind. Again, I dont mean to label anybody or ruffle any feathers so to speak. Just curious.
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gender, male/female

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