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Old 07-29-2009, 02:46 AM
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Default my turn?

ok i have been lurking here for a while and it seems this may be one of the only few places i may be really understood or could get help understanding myself- so here i go...the 28 yr old athiest, former alcoholic, bisexual, mother of 3 (including one with autism) from the middle of nowhere pennsylvania!

if being poly means being able to love more than one person at a time, then i guess i have always been that as well as bisexual. my background is extremely religious, cultaic, and quite dysfunctional (my parents thought i was possesed by demons when i was 13... for example) i was always taught that anything but marriage between a man and woman was wrong and that i was going to hell for having premarital sex, and the world was gonna end on y2k... i was always the one who questioned everything and thought for myself and never fit into that mold...did everything they told me not to! i never even told my dad i was bisexual until he figured out the girl i brought home last year was my girlfriend and not just my friend... luckily my dad has gotten away from the church he raised me in and found his own self...(imagine my surprise when i found out my grandmother was bisexual as well-wish she was still alive!)

i have been in relationships with both sexes at the same time in the past- having feelings for both a the same time has always been just as natural as breathing to me. a lot of people think its about sex, but to me its about loving the individual inside....

ANYWAY, my s/o and i have been together for 5 years- were married for 2 of those but i had a bout with alcoholism and we actually divorced and only got back together right before our son was born (june) he is an amazing person- my life partner for sure- and has always (as any man would) accepted my sexuality as part of who i am...we had always discussed another woman in our relationship- the proverbial "unicorn" i guess, but never found one we both agreed on- til our roomate moved in.... which is a whole other thread....but that's my basic intro! hi!
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