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Old 06-07-2010, 09:48 PM
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Default Double Standard...maybe...

Hi. I have a quick question. My guy recently started seeing a new girl. I am okay with this and I like her a lot... my problem is this: when he spent time with her for the first time, I had to deal with my own jealousy issues and work them out while they were hanging outside. Well, yesterday... I had a chance to spend some time with a man that my guy said he was okay with. He said he had no problems at all... he was completely okay with what I wanted to do. So I went to hang out with this new man. Well, after about one hour I get a text from my guy saying he can't sleep and I have to come back.... he was asleep when I left so I guess he woke up. Anyway... I really wanted to stay and I was this close to getting where I wanted with our friend (he is really good friends w/ my guy and me). I ended up texting my guy about what was going on and what I was trying to do... I ended up staying out for another 2 hours... when I got back my guy was asleep again. I went to bed. The next morning when we talked about it... he said he was mad that I didn't come back asap as soon as he texted me... I was put off by this... He claimed that he really just could not sleep w/o me in the room. ( we were all staying in the same hotel for a comic convention...dorks, I know) I felt as if he were really just uncomfortable with me being close to our friend... no sex or anything. I just wanted to find out if the friend liked me... and I really just wanted to have a good night... it was out last night at the con and our friend, another man, and I were all up and in a social mood... my guy was sleepy and went to bed at 10ish..

what I don't understand is how he can say he only needed me in the room so he could sleep better... that has never been a problem before. I asked my guy if he were actually using it as an excuse to keep me from going too far w/ our friend. I texted my guy and told him "i'm saying my LONG goodbyes now... be back in a while". So it's not like I just blew him off.... He told me that I could do whatever I wanted w/ our friend... then not even an hour later he is telling me I have to get back in the room... I never did this with him and his new girl... Keep in mind... we were not fighting at all... just talking about it. But it did scare me a bit... is this a warning sign? Is he going to do this whenever I want to spend time w/ someone else? I don't know. I could be reading into it too much... what do you guys think?

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