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Old 06-05-2010, 10:58 PM
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redpepper, you don't know what that means to me and my wife that you're thanking her for what she and so many did for women. And we can proudly say that the movement has been successful, too! It was only a few decades ago that most women were homemakers, including a great many that wanted to do other things. Our culture is so very much otherwise today. I will pass this along to her, if I can do it without making her cry.

Thanks also for pointing me to useful threads. You have been so supportive that it makes me very curious about you. I have lots of curiosity, but don't wish to invade your privacy or anyone's, knowing how very important it is. I am gratified to learn that you ARE of the feminine persuasion just on general terms, as I am perhaps entirely too enthusiastic about women.

But I love all of you! One of my biggest convictions is that the feminine form the most beautiful thing on earth. No discussion, no question, end of argument, I have spoken. Other possibilities have already been considered and assigned secondary positions. No other beauty need apply, thank you.
Sunsets? We get them every night. Waterfalls? Noisy and wet. (Noisy and wet women eventually run out of breath and can be dried off. I LOVE doing that.)

Take care of yourself, redpepper. I realize you must be busy, but hope to hear from you some time.
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