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Old 06-02-2010, 12:21 PM
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Post having too much fun

I think that this past weekend, was the most exciting time, i've ever experienced. I'm not sure if it's the intense love that our quad is sharing, or the fun things we do together, but it does'nt seem to matter what we are doing, we just love being together. Seperately, or as a foursome, it doesn't matter, it's all so fun. It started last week with some bf/gf time...I with Jack on the Harley and Scooby and Bobbi on a road trip to go shopping. Just getting out, is fun in itself. Jack and I share the same birthday, so Scooby and Bobbi, have been treating us like kings. Bobbi cooked breakfast for us all, and also a pot roast dinner. We spent Sunday boating all day, with Bobbi cooking again for us and the frosting on the cake, was that they hired a long stretch limo, and took us to a lovely restuarant, about an hour away. What a shock. We had no idea they were doing that for us. Scoobs got naked in the limo..which i'm not surprised,,,he is always the first one to shed the clothes. We did tell the limo driver about our situation...he was pretty surprised, thought Jack was my hubby..lol. We also let the waitress in on it, and she loved it...and wouldn't have guessed.
In six years of swinging, I knew I wasn't a swinger,,,just couldn't put my finger on it. I enjoyed all of 2 men during that time, so hind sight, I see that it just wasn't my thing. I really like the connection,,,the emotion...it feels so good. In a very short time, I have come to the conclusion, that I am NOT a swinger. We have all been great friends for almost 7 years now, so it has made our relationship, so much closer. Having my gf/bf in my life, now makes me feel like i'm really living...I am not going to worry about the scary aspect of someone calling it off. I have decided that it is the chance we all take, in order to enjoy the intensity of what it has become. It's just like owning pets...some of us are so crushed after we no longer have them, that we can't bring ourselves to love a new pet, so we just miss out on new opportunities to love...other's like myself, could not live without pets, and even tho it hurts like hell to loose them, I couldn't not have them. So I am willing to put my heart out there, hook line and sinker...knowing that three other people have the power to stop the whole thing...but I would rather take the plunge, than not experience it at all. It has been three months now, and the NRE is still flowing constantly and hasn't let up in intensity. All of us agree that our endorphines are running wild, which can make it hard to focus on "real life"...we all probably will be glad when the relationship settles into a calmer, more relaxed realm...before the intensity kills us all. Though I have to admit...this feeling of being 16 and in love again, is so awesome, it's hard to compare it to anything else. I really love having two guys in my life. They are both so different, as is Bobbi and I...so everyone gets some nice diversity in their lives. Candi
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