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Old 05-26-2010, 01:14 AM
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I know. It's harder than hard to let go but sometimes the things which are the hardest turn out to be the best things for us in the long run.

Immerse yourself in other things right now, things which in no way remind you of her. Give yourself permission to grieve the loss of the friendship and what might have been. Get angry, get sad, get however you need to to grieve. Get it all out, or as much as you can.

It took a couple of months but eventually Breathes THANKED me for messing up that relationship. He did his grieving, will probably do some more, but he is recovering quite nicely :d.

One day your will surprise yourself when you realize that you haven't thought about her in X number of days. Then you will know things will be ok.

Add me if you like. I do answer PM's as soon as I can after I get them.

I'm also on facebook, livejournal and a new fb type app which apparently has better security but a lot LESS games (try NONE) called fuzzyorb.

FB & fuzzyorb you can find me through my email address--tj6james6@gmail.com and livejournal I'm singlemomcanada.

Hugs and good luck with this. You will make it, one day at a time, but you will make it through to the other end.
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