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Old 05-10-2010, 06:22 PM
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Default Can I ask this...or rather...should I

eventually im hoping people will know me here so I dont have to do a quick recap every time...but...here we go.

Im in a newish triad (6ish months) with my husband and pretty much wife (she is my soulmate, known this for a long time...) Anyways, we all live together.

This meant that sex between only two of us while the 3rd was home happened much quicker than if we were living separetely..we only have one house, and one bed after all (we all share a king sized bed at night). This works for us...

Anyways...DH has expressed concerns, though not directly, that he is still slightly uncomfortable with me and dw having sex when he is there. We have a 'rule' that if two are having sex the 3rd is always welcome to join if s/he wants. the trouble is women have a better intuition (or at least we do) of when the other two want some 'alone time' so even if we wanted to we wouldnt join in. DH does not posess this intuition.

Now given dh's opinion I have been uncomfortable of being intimate with dw when he is home. On top of that mother nature has lined up so that even if we wanted to dw and I could not be sexually intimate for like 2 weeks..So it'll be like 3 weeks since we've last had sex - a long time for us.

Im going out thursday evening on a date - I know the two of them will have sex. Im completely okay with this. But I also know I am feeling envious, and am afraid of how those feelings will come out if I come home and they are still having sex.

Should I?/Can I ask them to be 'done' by the time I get home just this one time? Is there a better way to approach this situation?

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