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Old 05-08-2010, 04:17 PM
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While I engage in a D/s poly lifestyle, I try to keep my head mostly out of "The Community"...just for this reason,...So many people trying to fit everyone else, in nice, little, cookie-cutter packages, so they don`t have to feel threatened by anothers differences.

The twist is ; when you do find great minded people,..it is soooooo fantastic.
I have been like this for a while, in fact keeping everything in house for me something clicked this last fall when I opened up to poly, and I guess now I am considering going to the community to find myself again. While i would never have hit up the community before, I find myself looking around at my friends and missing that ability to "talk shop"...

Don't get me wrong, everyone know i am kinky...but its odd not to be able to just talk about things i enjoy without being looked at like a perv...not to mention surrounding myself with like minded people will be good in general...

I agree with the last sentiment too......I guess thats why I keep coming back here
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