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Old 05-07-2010, 12:38 PM
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Originally Posted by YGirl View Post
This is the same thing as when a woman requires an "equal triad" in order feel in control over her partner's relationship with the "third" or other woman. In this case, the man feels as though he is still in control because presumably, women can give other women things that a man can't, but only a man can provide a woman with a Genuine Penile Experience™. Therefore, if there is only one Provider of teh Penis™, his position seems less vulnerable to hostile takeover.
hey, i resemble that remark...

although I would like to say, I don't feel in control, in fact I was the third person inline with any say...I can plainly see what see the what and why of how the relationship structure will be built but niehter control it or change it on my own ...I am slowly working on breaking down those walls...

And as a funny aside...you should TOTALLY market a strap-on called "Genuine Penile Experience" hahahaha...I was going to say my wife can provide that fun too...but it isn't labelled Genuine
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double standards, one penis policy, triads

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