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Old 07-16-2009, 07:46 PM
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But Mark, you don't feel the need for your "own" room? Just curious.

Maybe your wife would feel "more equal" if you did. It's a symbolic thing. Right now, she's "sharing" "both of your" room with you, and you "visit" your other wife in "her own" room; so it prob'ly stands out that you're "missing" even though you say you had spent plenty of nights apart before you went the poly route.

I do realize that this may not be possible, that you just may not HAVE an extra room to use. But it is something to consider in an intellectual/ academic sense.

I put quotes around a lot of things because I feel those words do not perfectly capture what I am trying to express, but I do not have all day to spend with a thesaurus, so I try to choose the closest possible terminology.

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