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Old 04-26-2010, 04:30 PM
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I think you may have already found your answers, but I wanted to drop off my thoughts. My husband and I are pretty new to acting on the poly urges we have had. I have found that being honest with him at all times has really helped us both. I too take anti anxiety/anti depressents and have noticed if I miss a few days I am much more sensitive to situations. For us, it works best when I explain to him why his actions hurt/offended me. He gets a chance to understand where my emotions are coming from, and I get to understand his feelings behind his actions.

It has saved us a lot of arguments. And it has helped me sort through feelings I wasn't understanding and vice versa.

I'm blessed with a very understanding and caring husband, and it sounds like your partners are as well. Do what is best for you, in my relationship, being honest about hurt feelings is what keeps us strong and conected.
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