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Old 04-18-2010, 08:22 PM
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Default Brand spanking new to Polyamory


I recently met somebody who is polyamorous, she and I (I identify as lesbian) have spent some time together and she has been very upfront about her lifestyle, and is very gentle with me.

She is in a relationship with one other person at the moment, and has voiced that she will make sure Im as comfortable as possible...

So tonight we were chatting and tonight she is spending with [the other person she is in a relationship with] and hinted that they were going to be intimate (something I can totally understand is going to happen, I repect that there relationship is sexual) but being quite new to this, I don't feel comfortable just yet, with this kind of talk... (I want to stress that I know this is going to happen, but maybe I dont want it waved in my face just yet) Im probably being a bit of a wimp, but right now, it's not something I want to be... so [there].. not just yet anyhow...

So I guess, I'm lookign for some advice, I know that when she is available again (she has said if i needed her tonight, she can be there for me) we will talk about this, but I feel like, polyamory is something that I need to also learn about/ discover and feel comfortable with for myself, and I want to be able to form my own views, instead of just hers...

Id really appreciate just some adive in being new to this... and how to find my own way.. not just taking on somebody elses life,so to speak...

Thnaks in advance...
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