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Old 06-03-2014, 05:08 PM
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I am in Houston, Texas, and it has been one hell of a trip. My hired car was broken in to yesterday. I am here on business, and knowing myself as well as I do, I am about to put on another figurative hat: investigator/detective and forensic scientist. I am due to return on Thursday, but I may have to extend this trip a little longer. I was tempted to dust for and lift fingerprints. I am at a loss for words because I took painstaking precautions to park directly in front of cameras, and the people that are reviewing the footage are taking too long. Un-fucking-believable. All the police can do is take a report. (I am really thinking, "Shove that bloody report up your arse." Whoever it is picked the right person because I am the type to do a job better than the inept people in place. My best friend asked me not to do anything illegal or even remotely close. Right. I am just going to do some poking around. I am inclined to believe it was at the hotel. Worst part? It was in broad daylight, and I have security escorting me. I never dreamed I would need to have security standing around the car like I saw downtown. (That was a Bugatti, so I understand.) I should have used the car service and not bothered with driving.

I hope everyone is doing well, though. I am on a hiatus, but I had to post this. If I have time, I will update about everything else. Still trying to smile in the face of adversity. Not exactly panning out right now.
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