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Old 05-26-2014, 01:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Sanantha09 View Post
My husband and I are new to the open marriage scene.
"Open marriage scene?" What a funny way of putting it. Although, technically, many married polyamorists have open marriages, if there is some kind of "scene," it would more likely be among swingers, not polyfolk.

Originally Posted by Sanantha09 View Post
We agreed a few months ago that we wanted to keep our relationship as our primary focus but have occasional sexual escapades outside of our marriage, with each other's knowledge and restrict it to once with any one person. So far it is working for us!
So, you limit all your extramarital sex to one-night stands? I know you say that it is working well for you, but I can't help but feel sad for you when I read that. Basically, if you meet someone fantastic and hit it off, personality- and lifestyle-wise as well as sexually, you have to say "no" to ever seeing/being with them again. And how do you protect yourself against STDs when everyone you fuck is an unknown quantity? Do you request current copies of their tests? Use gloves and other barriers?

Originally Posted by Sanantha09 View Post
My question is....what is the best way to meet other individuals interested in unattached sex?
I really don't know what would've prompted you to ask this question at a forum dedicated to polyamory and supporting polyamorists. Although there are plenty of poly peeps who swing and/or have casual NSA sex, and you might get some useful replies, by and large polyamory is NOT focused on sex (esp. NSA with strangers) and is about cultivating multiple loving relationships - where the idea is not to avoid romance or attachment, but to seek it out and move in that sort of direction. Maybe you didn't realize this?? So, you may have more luck and more useful suggestions at swinger sites or Fetlife. Also try Craigslist or Meetups (at Meetup.com) focused on threesomes and casual sex. Good luck.
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